About us


Hello!! Firstly, I would to thank you for joining me on my journey and supporting my small business. After working in a corporate role in the Airline industry for over 10 years I have decided to change the direction of where my life is headed. Exploring new opportunities by incorporating my love and passion for interiors and design is how and why my third baby, Sage and Wood collective was born.

Working within the Airline industry when the COVID-19 pandamic hit meant I was stood down from my position due to the drastic travel restrictions, changing my life as I knew it overnight. Whilst I was so grateful to still be employed, being stood down gave me a lot of extra time and I started to revaluate my life and reflect on what I wanted my future to look like. As much as I have enjoyed the last 10 years working for an iconic airline it no longer fed my soul nor gave me enough satisfaction and sense of accomplishment. 

Most importantly and above all, I am a very proud and dedicated Mum to two beautiful girls. It is a priority to always put them and their needs first. This year they are both at school and I have found myself with a little more time on my hands especially with being stood down so I have been able to shift my focus and to do something for myself. I still want and need flexibility so I can be there for my girls, to be there for all of their milestones and to be present in their lives. That for me is the most important thing and my first priority.  

Sage and Wood collective has given me the work life balance I need and I can't wait to start the next chapter of my life. I am so thankful and feel so grateful to have you all by my side supporting me along the way and coming on this crazy but exciting ride. 

Thanks again for the love and support,

Chloe x